UAN Activation UAN Registration at UAN Member Portal

UAN Activation is now very simple than before. it can be activated by uan nUMBER, PF number or pan or aadhar number on uan member portal. so why are you waiting for just follow the below steps authorize with Mobile OTP login to access epf balance etc?


Advantages Of UAN Activation

  1. Employees can check their Provident fund balance, as it has features like SMS service and online passbook.
  2. They can also update and alter KYC information
  3. One can conveniently download their EPF passbook using their Universal Account Number online as many times as they want.
  4. It also helps in easy transfer and withdrawals of claims.

UAN Member Portal, Epf balance, Pf Passbook download

Steps To Activate the UAN Registration

The process for UAN activation through EPFO UAN portal registration:

  1. Visit EPFO unified portal with this link https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface for logging in to your UAN.
  2. Now click on the UAN activation for submission on the web page.
  3. Now carefully fill the activation form by filling the required details
  4. Select between
    1. EPF member ID
    2. PAN card
    3. Aadhar card
  5. After that enter Name, DOB, Contact number and e-mail address.
  6. If your number has been verified by the activation portal, then you can also retrieve the forgotten password. Enter the Captcha and submit the application form.
  7. After that, the registered mobile number will receive the authentication pin number, enter the pin and then follow the instructions and confirm the declarations.
  8. Verify the details you have provided and create a password

NOTE: Password must contain at least one special character, one numerical character, and one alphabetical character both in the capital and small letters also the length should be in between 8 to 25 characters.

  1. Submit the application form with an e-mail
  2. After completing the above-mentioned process, you will receive a confirmation message on your registered mobile number.

Now you can check the status and online passbook also can alter the details in a single go.


UAN Activation By SMS Offline


Note that this Not includes UAN Registration. if you have activated uan Number already you need to create a password for it. Type

EPFOHO space ACT,  UAN number,  Up to 22-digit

EPFOHO 12345678901234, TN/567890/168  Send it to  7738299899 from registeredmobile number.


Know your pf number


Activate/register UAN at epfo Portal


The Process of UAN Registration and Activation

Today human life is very fast and everyone is always very busy. India is all set on the path of digitization to make things a lot easier in this crazy cat and mouse race, called life. The Employees’ Provident Fund Organization has also introduced an online version of the usual procedures to eliminate the traditional process. In this process an employee can access the EPF account by using Universal Account Number (UAN), which is provided to link the Member ID of the employee and KYC details must be integrated to UAN for the activation of UAN. With the help of this, without depending on the employer, the employees are able to access their EPF account. But sometimes, your employer does not provide the UAN, in that case you can achieve your UAN by following these process.

UAN Status/generation through the website:

Firstly, you have to open the website epfindia.gov.in and click on “Know your UAN” and select the name of your state and EPFO office. After that you have to enter EPF number and its code number, which are available on your salary slip. Next you have to submit your Aadhar number, PAN number, date of birth, mobile number, email id and captcha code. When all the details have been entered, click “Get Authorization PIN” and you will get a PIN to your mobile phone number, which is registered with your EPF account. By entering the PIN, an OTP will be sent to you through your registered mobile phone number. To get UAN, you have to enter the validate OTP and as a result you will get your UAN and the UAN status, which is delivered to you by the EPFO through your registered mobile phone number.

Registration for UAN through Aadhar

: To register your UAN, you should go to the website epfindis.gov.in and click “Online Aadhar verified UAN Allotment.” Then a page will appear on the screen and after introducing your Aadhar number, you should click “Generate OTP”. Within a second, an OTP will be delivered to you, which will received by you through you registered mobile phone. Then you will insert the validate OTP and click on the Disclaimer Check box and then the “Submit” button. The process will be continued. Next a page will appear to check details and you have to type the captcha code and click on the disclaimer check box and press “Register”. Then all the details will be merged to your EPF account and your UAN will be provided to your registered mobile phone number. In this way you can successfully complete the registration of UAN.

Activation of UAN

: To activate UAN, you have to open the website epfindia.gov.in and from “On services”, click on “For employees”. After that you should click on “Member UAN / Online Services”. Then you will get UAN portal page and you should click on “Activate your UAN”. Next, you enter your UAN, registered mobile phone number and EPF ID and also your captcha code, which are available on your salary slip. After that, you click on “Get authorization PIN” and PIN will be provided to you through your registered mobile phone number. Next, you go to Disclaimer checkbox and click on “I Agree” and an OTP will be given to you. When you enter the validate OTP, your UAN will be activated. After the activation your UAN, a password will be given to you through your mobile phone. You can change this password. You should go to the UAN portal and login with your UAN as id and you will get your password, which is the same at the time of activation.

Benefits of UAN activation

: After UAN activation, the employee will get many benefits. The employee can login the UAN Member Portal and from there the employee will able to get different types of information related to EPF account. By using UAN, the employee can download the EPF Passbook through online mode and there is no limitation for viewing in one month.

EPF claims status and withdrawals can be checked. EPF account balance can be checked by using SMS and by giving a Missed call services. The employee can update the KYC details through the EPFO portal. If you forget the password, you will open the UAN portal and you will click on “forgot the password” and enter UAN, you will receive an OTP through your registered mobile phone number. When you enter validate OTP, your new password will be created to log in.


UAN activation (EPFO UAN portal registration)

EPFO or Employees Provident fund organization, running under the administrative control of Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India. The main purpose of this organization is to launch and alter the pension and insurance schemes for the employees working in the organized sectors of India. The scheme covers workers working in India and also some foreign countries. EPFO is one of the largest social security organizations in India.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2014, made a very smart move and launched UAN or universal account number for the workers of the country also this account number is provided to one worker for his life time and by changing the job, UAN number is not going to change and it will also keep the record of the PF along with that it will provide many other benefits too. Also, the purpose of making this unification in the system is to make the clear database with the ability to provide easy access to the citizens along with their financial status that will help on having the eye on the Indian economic condition.

UAN or Universal Account Number is a twelve-digit number and are allotted to those employees who are contributing to Employees Provident Fund or commonly known as EPF.

One can find their UAN number easily on their pay slip, in case you don’t find your UAN number then consult the HR department.

NOTE: Aadhaar is mandatory along with UAN



UAN Status

No need to check for UAN Number status to activate uan registration and login. However, in case of uan registration is unsuccessful due to member details not match or UAN Number not generated by Employer. in this situation you can check UAN Status.

UAN Passbook download

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