pf balance check by UAN No epf Passbook enquiry

pf balance check online with the epf mobile app, SMS, Missed call, check epf balance by uan Number Online, offline methods  and Monthly statement SMS alerts like bank account etc


Pf balance check via online:-

3 ways we can check epf balance online

  1.  UAN Member Portal By login with UAN Number. Login to UAN Portal>> View>> epf passbook.
  2. epf passBook download by UAN Number and password
  3. Checking Pf balance By Pf Number at http://www.epfindia.gov.in >> Services>> Employees>> EPF passbook.


uan member portal

Pf balance check via UAN:-

  1. Visit UAN Passbook Login Portal https://passbook.epfindia.gov.in
  2. Enter You UAN Number and Password to login view download Epf passbook online in the browser.


Pf balance check via SMS & Missed call:-

Check Pf balance By Giving Missed call to UAN help desk Number 011-22901406 not to epfo customer care Number   18001-18005. within few seconds Epf balance details will be sent to registered Mobile by SMS.


Check epf balance through the mobile app:-

Download the epfo UAN Mobile app from Google Play Store. open the epf mobile app activate uan Number with PF Number within the if not done early.

click On View Epf balance/passbook.

View detailed Information on the EPf android app

epf /uan passbook download by uan know pf statement balance


New unified EPF UAN portal is live. download uan passbook by sign into uan member portal of epfo with the uan number and password and another way to check the PF balance with full details by downloading from the epf passbook member from the portal.Follow the steps or guidelines to download the uan passbook.

UAN Passbook Download :

It will keep track of all your transactions made towards a provident fund over the years. You can download your EPF member passbook using your universal account number(UAN).UAN is a unique number provided to every government/private employee when they start contributing for PF. Thus you can revisit all your entries and keep an account of the same in your EPF/UAN passbook.

EPF balance, UAN activation.

EPF/UAN passbook will provide all information pertaining to your deposits, withdrawals and pension contributions. Along with your transaction details, you will also be able to view details in your passbooks like member ID, personal details, EPF balance, establishment code, PF office, EPF transfer details if any and monthly contributions towards EPF/UAN. It also compulsory to have your 12 digit UAN/EPF number before you download your EPF passbook. If you do not have your UAN/EPF, contact your employer to provide you with one. You must register on the EPFO portal and activate your UAN.

EPF UAN Passbook download :

  1. For downloading epf passbook members have to visit the UAN number portal.
  2. visit the EPF portal  (http://www.epfindia.gov.in/).
  3. EPFIndia.gov.in >for employees >>services>>EPF passbook.
  4. Enter UAN number and password.
  5. On successful login, you will able to see the view of passbook tab as shown in the image below, click on the button and you will able to see your EPF passbook.
  6. To activate the uan number, the employee gives their uan number and mobile number.

the employees are can easily download the epf passbook in the unified portal. each and every member with the uan number can access the unified portal to the universal account number in the dashboard.once uan number is activated and that the people to log in the provident fund.

UAN Passbook EPF statement download http://www.epfindia.gov.in/site_en/ .


EPF Balance Enquiry


The best way is by visiting epfo member portal and click on uan login. Enter your UAN & password (created while uan registration)

Employees’ Provident Fund or EPF is a financial and social security scheme was started by the Government of India. EPFO Established on 15th November 1951 which was later modified in 1952. EPF scheme ensures that every person working in Government, Public or private sector organization gets financial security in their old age. To make that possible a person starts contributing in his/her EPF account from the first day he starts as an employee. The sole purpose of this scheme is to promote people to save a part of their earning. so that they can live their old age in comfort without any financial difficulties.

Both the employer and the employee starts contributing in the EPF account. Usually, from the first month, the amount of the money that is contributed is 12% of the basic pay. Since 12% is contributed from both sides that make it 24% person of basic pay every month in the EPF account of the employee. The employee also gets the interested amount in the money that is deposited in the EPF account. the rate of interest is determined by the Union Government budget every year. current year epf interest is 8.5%.

How will epf balance calculate?

  1. Employee contibtuion8.4%
  2. employer contribution 4.2%
  3. EPFO 8.5% Accumulated Interest Every Month.


The epf balance that is deposit in the EPF account is called EPF India balance. and this balance is also non-taxable. Earlier, it was quite a time taking the process to inquire about the EPF balance. but now EPF balance inquiry is easily available on the Internet.EPF is not just a scheme that promises financial security but it is also a profitable investment. It is exempted from tax and half on the premium that is deposited in EPF account is deposited by the employer.In the year 2013, Employees’ Provident Fund Organization of Ministry of Labor and Employment, Government of India launched an online platform for the inquiry of EPF fund balance. The motive behind this was to allow employees’ to get a quick access to the information related to their EPF account.

Since EPF is an important part of the financial planning of salaried employees, it came as a blessing for both retired as well as working employees of the society. EPF balance information is not just important when a person wants to withdraw money from their EPF account, but also when the person wishes to take a loan against his/her EPF account. Before the online platform was launched, it was quite lengthy and taking the process to inquire about the EPF account and it required many forms fill ups and application to do so, but with the launch of the online platform, these problems became history and it became easier for elderly retired employees to inquire about their EPF account.

Steps to check EPF balance @ epfindia.gov.in.

  1. Keep your EPF account number handy.
  2. Open epfindia.com website on your computer of mobile phone.
  3. Select the state in which your EPF office of your account is processing activities.
  4. Now, select the city.
  5. Fill the PF account number and the required fields. according to the details that are available with your EPF account.
  6. Click on submit and your EPF balance will be displayed on the screen.

Knowing EPF balance has many benefits for retirement, and the most satisfying benefit is that it keeps the person aware of their financial savings. and that keeps them off a lot of psychological stress as well.


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